My pain is freaking hilarious

Does it count as schadenfreude if it's aimed at yourself?

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AH Final Paper

Your eloquent essay does real justice to the works by Plato and Dewey we addressed this semester. Rather than just theorize, you show, in your writing, the power of their respective visions for the educator-artist in the world today. You do so by enacting your learning, how you have engaged their thought in the renewal, reconstruction, and re-imagining of your own. Like your first paper in the course, here you write clearly throughout, and with a sustained trajectory; the writing is graced with fine insights and nicely rendered formulations. Congratulations on a truly satisfying piece of philosophical writing.

[Grade: A]

I'll take it, and live off this high for awhile. My next ego boost will have to come from like winning a video game or something.


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